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The first thing I built was a dollhouse when I was 10 years old; it was also the first time I got stitches. For some reason, I still fell in love with building. I have since worked for different companies doing all things building-related! Although primarily local, in Eastern Ontario, I have really enjoyed working in more locations across this beautiful country. Growing up on a hobby farm in a rural community has cemented the importance of a self-sufficiency in my life. In 2020 I met with Arctic Acres to discuss an installation project of a 42' growing dome. The domes provide engineered durability and year-round growing in a variety of environments. I decided that this was something that I wanted to be a part of, and that I could do full time. Now I have been fortunate enough to have met many like-minded individuals all across Canada.

Right Arm Builds is a certified Arctic Acres growing dome installer and has had many positive experiences building domes for schools, communities, businesses, aand residential clients since 2020.

We look forward to continuing to install growing domes and promoting sustainable living as it becomes a higher priority in our lives here in Canada!

- Laurie Bakker
Founder, Right Arm Builds

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